This section will feature the seafoodie adventures I encounter/have encountered on my travels! I’ll share about those must-visit seafood places that pushed the envelope for me just enough to solidify my love for seafood!

  • Colombia (Read about their Ajiaco and Morraja Frita here!)

  • Cuba (Read about their Malanga Fritters and Albondigas here!)

  • Eastern Europe (Read about their Fish Soup here!)

  • Greece (Read about their Fried Feta and Sea Bream here!)

  • Iceland (Read about their Fish Gills here!)

  • India (Read about their Tandoori Crabs here!)

  • Jamaica (Read about their Seafood Trio here!)

  • Portugal (Read about their Bacalhau (Cod) here!)

Pooja Naik
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A pescetarian who hopes to expand your culinary horizons just enough to make room for one more seafood dish on your top ten list! This seafoodie’s passion for all things fish and most things French, take her to fun places and interesting experiences! Join her on her journey!