November, It's A Wrap!

Despite all the travels in November, it left a mark on my foodie life with two amazing new discoveries. Read on!


This month began with the trendiest brunch at Fisk & Co. located at Hotel Monaco in the loop.  This place is chic, it’s modern, and you know what else? It’s seafood-focused! I was in awe the minute I sat down and started perusing the menu.  And the same question crossed my mind that does when I discover a great new place; why oh why have I not been here before?!

Better late than never and better that my first visit is a menu tasting where I get to try it all. My fellow foodie accompanied me as my guest and our adventure commenced.

The menu is clearly inspired by the likes of a Belgian bistro and this applies to both drinks and food. A gorgeous oyster and beer bar spans across the restaurant where also phenomenal cocktails come together including boozy lattes such as the PSL, which I tried. The Royal Standard which I had immediately next was made with beets, lime, celery root liqueur and casa noble tequila. Felt like I was detoxing with alcohol. If that is even possible!

So many seafood options to choose from at Fisk & Co. The first dish Chef sent out was their Brussel Sprouts which were cooked crispy and came in a delicious pistachio-orange sauce. A hearty portion too. 

The Smoked Trout deviled eggs had been on my mind for a while, and were next! A fresh take on deviled eggs, and the most elegant hors d’oeuvre I have seen with the perfect scoops of smoked fish in each egg. 

The Salmon Tartare was unbelievably tasty. Salmon two ways with avocado and flavors exploding from the curry emulsion.  Beautifully presented too.  I also loved the puff pastry incorporated into the tartare instead of the usual crackers on the side. 

The dish of the hour was without doubt the Pumpkin Mussels, also featured as Mussels of the Month on their menu. I’d say it should be called the Mussels of the Year for its deliciousness.  Prince Edward Island and Acadia Aqua Farm Mussels with Styrian pumpkin seed pistou, roasted squash and pepitas.  Now I get to do fall and fish together!


The frites were a fun order because of the sheer number of choices of sauces that came with it. The Green Goddess and the Black Garlic Ketchup are non-negotiable if you order their fries.  

Brunch for pescetarians is almost unimaginable without a good Crab Benedict. And this one was just a classic. It came on an English muffin with hollandaise and mesclun greens.  A sizeable dish that allowed for two yolk porns instead of one. Winning!

And you know that no party is complete without dessert. Their Rum Cake had such dynamic flavors of dried fruit and was ultra-moist. The Squash Cheesecake was different and blander and flawlessly diminished the sweetness of the rum cake, making it the perfect combination of sweet treats.

Yay for more brunch spots in the Loop! And shopping on Michigan Avenue afterwards. Fisk & Co. gives brunch a new definition. Put this on your list, now!


The name couldn’t be more apt for this Evanston gem that I got to visit a few weeks ago. Found is a place where you can literally find everything you’re looking for in your dining experience.  From comfort to class, from color to flavor, they get it right all the way.

I can also say that their “flexitarian” menu has shaken my foodie world (in a good way) and has reminded me of how satisfying it can be to eat meals involving local produce and organic ingredients. Found provides an earthy feel from the minute you step in.  And owner Amy Morton has one goal in mind, and that is to ensure her customers feel happy and welcome from the beginning to the end.

Chef Bradford Phillips is committed to creating seasonal menus using highest quality ingredients which is evident in every dish he puts out.

Their cocktail game is strong, presenting drinks such as The Graduated with pistachio-infused vodka and the tequila-based Intuition with activated charcoal. Several wine and bourbon options grace the drink menu also. 

We started our food journey with the Ginger Braised Beet Salad with Treviso, puffed quinoa and a zingy ginger vinaigrette.  I could not stop eating this pile of greens.

The Pan Seared Halloumi was one of my favorites. A salt-laced block of cheese, pan-fried, and topped with a nutty dukkah.  A dukkah is an Egyptian condiment comprising of a mixture of herbs and nuts. Needless to say, this dish was exotic.

I must have good Deviled Eggs karma recently, because they were phenomenal. The filling was creamier and a nice change from chunkier versions I’ve had lately.

Found prides itself for its vegetarian-focused menu and the Squash Flatbread is the poster child for it. A medium-sized thin crust with delicata squash, chevre, basil pesto and pepitas sat pretty in front of us. I knew better than to devour that whole pie, but I lost the battle to its deliciousness. Don’t forget to order this when you’re there!


The seafood was now beginning to arrive next. The Pan Roasted Faroe Island Salmon was dreamy in every way. I didn’t even know salmon could taste this good! And you know what? It came with roasted grapes on it, and it worked! I can see why this one has stayed on the menu!

The PEI Mussels in green curry and coconut were marvelous. The flavors delicately balanced with the mussel meat and the toasted sourdough was perfect to mop up the broth.

A meal like that should unquestionably end with stellar dessert.  They ace that category at Found too.  The Pot De Crème which came with whipped crème fraiche, is 63% dark chocolate and no sugar added. It clinched the deal perfectly with the Chef-sent Godiva chocolate banana drink.


I was too full for words, but also greatly satiated. Found will be a pleasant discovery for you, I can guarantee that.