February, It's A Wrap!


The shortest month of the year ended up having the most number of seafood adventures for me! How awesome is that?!



When I started this blog, I knew that I wanted to provide a platform for a discussion on sustainable seafood and contribute heavily to the Ocean to Table movement. After all, you are what you eat.

Once I found Sea To Table and learned about their ideology, collaborating with them was a no-brainer for me.  The company founded by Fishionnado Sean Dimin, is dedicated to making delicious and sustainably-sourced seafood from the docks and fisheries on all U.S. Coasts, available to fish lovers around the country. 


Sounds good in theory, but I’m one to always try stuff out for myself before advocating it.  I received my very own Sea To Table Starter Kit recently, delivered right to my doorstep.  The packaging itself was enough to have me impressed.  My kit came with six, full-sized servings of wild caught Pacific Cod, Gulf Shrimp and Coho Salmon. It what’s they recommend for first timers and they were right!


Each piece of fish is perfectly packaged, frozen at its peak of freshness, and delivered within 1-3 days.  The label on the back of each fish consists detailed information that states exactly where that fish was caught, what fishing vessels were used, what the catch method was and the expiration date.  Don’t think I’ve ever been so well informed about my meat or produce.  In addition, they spoon feed information on how to defrost, prep, and cook the fish.  If you’re someone that daunted by cooking fish at home, this company is your answer.

I’m absolutely floored by the attention to detail this company offers and their sheer dedication to elevating the sustainable seafood experience. 

Needless to say, I’ll be eating fish for days, and know that my body will thank me for the quality of food I put in it.  Try it out for yourself!

Seven Lions

I had read somewhere the description of Seven Lions as a “modern day clubhouse” and it couldn’t be more apt.  Finally made it in to this Michigan Avenue gem for lunch recently and to try their new menu, and was simply blown away.


First, I couldn’t get over just how busy the restaurant was and neither did I realize how vast their space is.  Its so unnerving when restaurants try to pack in tables so close together that you can hear your neighbor breathing.  Each table here enjoys good amount of privacy and natural light, were my initial impressions upon walking into their bustling environment.  And I might have even had a Rahm Emanuel sighting, who I learned later is a frequent patron of the restaurant.

I sat down to order from one of their Art Institute inspired cocktails, The Art of the Hamiltons, which just like the show, was magnificent.  A mojito like drink with a subtle touch of lemongrass and ginger put a little spring into my winter.

While I was tempted to try their Restaurant Week lunch menu for only $22, I wanted a full flavor of the restaurant’s offerings so decided to stick to the original menu.  But rest assured, I’ll be back for it next year.

With all the fish intake, I try to incorporate some greens and veggies into every meal, when possible. The Brussels Sprouts and Burrata Toast was such a good choice on my part, because it started my meal off with sweet tones of the apple saba it came with.  Too tasty for words!


The Blackened Fish Tacos I heard were a popular patron choice so I ordered those along with their Lobster Roll. The mango and avocado relish on the tacos truly helped finish off each bite with amazing flavor bursts. The salsa verde it came with had a minty taste to it and reminded me of Indian mint chutney.

The Lobster Roll was remarkable. The bun it came on was one of the butteriest I’ve had, and reminded me of what a key element it is to this classic sandwich.  The chunks of Maine lobster were fresh and generously dolloped onto the bun and it all came together perfectly.


If there’s one dish you absolutely cannot leave without trying here, it’s the Maryland Crab Cake Benedict.  Chef Russ’s version is a little out of the box, with a creamy Old Bay hollandaise and a potato hash.  The egg seemed effortlessly poached and the taters were seasoned well.  I also loved that Chef doesn’t chintz on the sauce so there’s enough for the crab cakes and the egg.  This dish is a complete heartthrob!

Dessert was a tough choice because everything looked so tempting. I finally decided on the Tres Leches cake after seeing our server’s face light up at the mere mention of it.  A good sign!  A giant piece of spongy cake doused in a vanilla custard and sprinkled with caramel sauce ad strawberries came out, and then instantly disappeared into my belly.

There wasn’t a single dish I didn’t like at Seven Lions.  Seeing how people flock here just for lunch was also a testimony to the food and the service. I know I’ll be going back for more. I hope you visit here too!

Operation Taste 2018

This month I got to attend a really special foodie event, one that I will make a point to attend every year from now on. Operation Taste is so much more than a celebrity chef event because it benefits Operation North Pole; a volunteer based public charity that works with children with life-threatening illnesses.

This was a one-of-a-kind event, where I truly savored every moment and every bite knowing that every cent raised would go towards a really meaningful cause. 

Guests enjoyed a spectacular evening sampling gourmet bites and drinks and participating in an exquisite silent auction. The Who’s Who of the culinary world were present, doing live cooking demos and serving up featured bites from their restaurants.

I got to hob nob with some of my most favorite Chicago chefs, including Chef Jimmy Banos and Chef Oliver Poilevey. I also feasted on some amazing pescetarian fare, such as the smoked salmon tartare with potato foam at the Les Nomades table and the Vietnamese Sea Bass in a banana leaf served by The Entertaining Company.  My favorite desert was Bistromic’s Hazlenut Bar that Chef Martial Noguier was personally serving. The room was packed, the music was flowing, and everyone I saw seemed to be having a blast.

I’m now on the hunt for more cause-related food events. Can’t think of a better way to enjoy!

Weber Grill

The much talked about Weber Grill was finally on my agenda this month when I got to visit them for a menu tasting along with a friend.  I went to their River North location, but am now determined to visit all their  locations in the Midwest. That should tell you how much I loved my visit there!

At the onset, I’ll say that this restaurant is so much more than a steakhouse. I mean, there’s 60 years of perfecting outdoor grilling recipes so they can put out amazing meat and seafood fare, and the proof was in my dinner.  I got to embark on a journey of all their amazing seafood, all freshly grilled, and uniquely seasoned. Pescetarians, if Weber Grill hasn’t been on your list before, please add to it.

No matter your dietary preferences or restrictions, there is something for everyone here, including a gluten-free menu.  This made me a fan from the get-go.

The drinks were phenomenal and their House-Made Sangria which I got a glass off was a serious wine punch with citrus notes and super delicious.

The Shrimp Cocktail was out of this world and the beautiful simplicity of this dish always gets to me.  Jumbo, juicy shrimp served with a classic horseradish-spiced cocktail sauce, made for a wonderful start to the meal.

For appetizers, we also had their hot and cheesy Spinach Artichoke dip, and here its  served with salsa and sour cream along with warm pita chips. Umm heaven!


Next in line was the very elegantly served House Smoked Salmon Salad, which came with chilled, and lightly cured salmon, roasted beets, spinach, goat cheese and candied pecans. The orange thyme vinaigrette bound it together nicely. I loved that the salmon was smoked on wood chips in-house.

Sometimes you’re just on a salmon kick, so I ordered the Plank Grilled Bourbon Salmon. It came highly recommended and also sounded good. The sweet, gingery honey bourbon glaze was unbelievable. The fish was grilled to perfection and absorbed flavors of the sauce so beautifully. And there’s no better side dish for the fish than Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes . As a garlic lover, I was swooning over these creamy n fluffy taters.

The portions are sizeable so we were beyond full.  We thought we would skip dessert, which is a bold move for me, but much to our surprise Chef had already sent out three gorgeous desserts for us to try.  The Original Tripe Chocolate Bundt Cake with Homer’s white chocolate chip ice cream and Callebaut’s Hot Fudge sauce.  Pure deacadence on a plate. The House Made Apple Pie was also as impressive especially with the Bourbon caramel sauce drizzled on it.

There was nothing ordinary about this meal. Our server was wonderful, food was delicious and I even got to meet Chef David Rolon at some point. A night to remember and meal to cherish for a long time!

MightyVine & Local Foods


It was the weekend was got snowed in and I had been cooped up all day and feeling gloomy.  My package from Local Foods arrived just in time and it not only made my day but also my week.

I carried in my hand a giant box of MightyVine tomatoes, a Chicago-based company dedicated to growing tomatoes using traditional methods such as drip irrigation and other organic methods. I  don’t think I’ve seen tomatoes like this in the last many decades. It’s the tomatoes I remember seeing on the farm growing up, lush and vibrant and plump in the right size. A medley of red and yellow tomatoes on the vine along with cherry tomatoes on the vine were strewn in the box.  With tomatoes for days I started the wheels of my mind turning on what all wonderful things I could make with this delicious produce in front of me.  I was happily overwhelmed and bit into one right away. What incredible sweetness in every bite.

MightyVine also partners with Local Foods, so with the tomatoes came a box of some very fun snacks.  Local Foods is a company that is committed to supporting Chicago’s  local food systems by working directly with Midwest vendors.  In my box of goodies, I had a delicious sweet onions and corn jar in a smoked paprika mix by Paul Virant, which I garnished on every piece of fish I made the following week. It’s now tradition.

The jar of Manna Coconut and Cashew Butter went almost instantly, as I smeared it on my toast every morning that week and also ate spoonful’s of it for dessert.  No guilt here knowing there were only three ingredients in the butter and zero preservatives. Feels so good to put quality food in your body.

The pack of Niloofar’s Persian Trail Mix was a lifesaver all week when I had to skip lunch on busy days.  Such a delectable blend of the finest mulberries, figs, and golden berries sourced from all over the world! Tea Square’s tea-infused energy snack pack also came in handy. I mean have you ever have a citrus green matcha flavored protein snack?

So many other fun sauces, chocolate and breakfast bars and my favorite BeeLove honey for my ritual morning tea.  I was a happy camper all week and I cant wait for my next visit to Local Foods to stock up on everything again.

It is so refreshing to see produce and snacks being made with a purpose, to not only treat your body right but to also bring local food communities together to support more employment opportunities in underserved neighborhoods. 

I’m a fan.

 Mozu Sushi & Izakaya


I’ve always said that I will drive anywhere for good food.  So when Mozu Sushi invited me in, it was a resounding yes!  After all, I had been hearing the buzz about this charming suburban gem located in the Korean district of Glenview, and had wanted to visit for quite sometime.


The ambiance was just as I had imagined, a boutique like setting with modern touches, yet comfortable and inviting.

The owner Julie Son, who oversees the restaurant operations herself, personally greeted us to our table.  I instantly knew that this was going to be a great tasting experience. 


My guest and I started with the recommendations given to us because their Izakaya menu looked all too tempting to shortlist.

We placed an order of their Nagasaki Noodles as our server poured us two glasses of Sayuri from their broad sake list.  The sake came unfiltered ensued with subtle notes of cherry blossom, and will undoubtedly be my drink of choice with any sushi from now on.  

The sake also came in time for the spicy bowl of noodles we were about to consume. This Japanese seafood noodle soup originally inspired by Chinese cuisine, was just the most satisfying ramen dish of shrimp and clams in a spicy broth, I have eaten. But beware, this dish will most certainly activate your sinuses and you still wont be able to stop eating it.  I’d drive back just for these noodles if I could.

Have you had Sunomono? It’s a Japanese cucumber side salad which is made here with red onions, crab, shrimp, squid and surf clam, and marinated in their special vinegar.  Sounds simple, but the tangy flavors and crunchy textures make it a really special dish. The presentation was delicately beautiful also.

Crispy Spicy Tuna is always a favorite for me, and because I’ve had so much of it, the benchmark is high.  At Mozu, it far surpassed my expectations. The crispy rice came topped with tuna and jalapenos and a sweet n sour citrus mayo, which added a lot of flavor to each piece. A finely executed dish!

With a Master Chef trained for over 30 years in sushi, I had to try their nigiri and went with the Kani (King Crab).  The sweet succulent cooked crab laid tall on the bed of rice, was nicely bound, and added just the right sweetness to our meal.

The Play Boy maki was an absolutely a divine combination of soft shell crab, spicy tuna, packed with crunch, garnished with eel sauce and green tobiko, and with more spicy crab on top.  And all the flavors blended remarkably to create one flavorful roll.

We ended with a little scoop of their Green Tea ice-cream, which was also wonderful and brought our sushi meal to a very fulfilling full circle.

This was no ordinary meal in my opinion and I forget how many culinary gems reside in the burbs that I need to get to more often.  The drive was completely worth it and everything from the vibe to the service was immaculate. 

My friends, you must check out Mozu!

Falafel & Grill


I’ve been on a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food kick lately, and that by no means is a complaint.  However, one such place gave me an entirely unforgettable experience recently, and its name is Falafel N Grill.  The restaurant located in Lakeview, has been around for seven years and is evidently a neighborhood favorite.  The after-work crowd simply flocks here to either dine-in or pick-up their takeout orders.  It was BUSY!  Located at the corner of  Milwaukee and Paulina Street, the restaurant has the nicest, airiest, most open space atmosphere, making everyone feel immediately welcome.

The open kitchen allows patrons to watch their food being cooked, and I for one, always appreciate such transparency.


Owner Baker Ali was there to personally greet me and my guest, to talk to us about the restaurant, and to make us feel comfortable.

EVERYTHING is scratch made here with the exception of the waffle fries and baklava. Which by the way, were also delicious.  The recipes are Ali’s own, having trained at a street side falafel shop under a maven, in Jerusalem, his hometown.  You know that that kind of authentic training is unmatched.  All the meat is sourced from reputable, local Chicago companies such as Sysco and others.

Ali’s hospitality knew no bounds as he brought out a variety of appetizers including warm bowls of Lentil Soup.  I adored the beautiful plating on Hummus and Baba Ghanouj, which were more than just blobs of creamy dip on a plate.  Such appetizing visuals for each dish, is always desirable.  The pita bread was pillowy soft and the waffle fries crisp as ever.  The garlic and Tzatiki sauces were my favorite, although they also had some of the best tahini I’ve had., with nice hints of sesame without being too pasty in texture.

The falafel was a whole different story. The filling inside was brown as opposed to the typical green I’m used to, so I asked Ali about it. He proudly proclaimed that his falafel was made in the purest form of ground chickpeas and garlic, with no frills or unnecessary veggies or spices that can take away from the true taste of the Middle Eastern classic.  Agreed! These hearty, plant-based little patties were so authentic to what I’d tasted in the Middle East, when my family lived there.

The Tabbouli Salad was another showstopper.  The salad came with fresh chopped parsley, diced tomatoes, onions and lemons, and was once again simple and tasty.

I even indulged in some behind the scenes activity, courtesy Ali.  And although its against my pescetarian religion, I carved some Shawarma off one of the large meat stacks. I’ve always wanted to try that but I’ll say is that it is tougher than it looks. I certainly got a rise out of the cooks, who were probably thinking that I should stick to writing about food.

We ended the meal on a sweet note with their delicious Baklava, and had several of these puffed pastry desserts in combinations of honey, walnuts and pistachios.  Who wouldn’t love that!?

One word comes to mind for my tasting at Falafel Grill, and that is, Hospitality.  The owner, the staff, everyone is filled with such warmth and generosity.  I also went home with bags of food, which is always a plus, but it will serve as a reminder for days to come of the goodness of this food.   Falafel Grill has been successfully placed on my list of favorite eating places in Chicago. Shukran!

Inari Sushi


As part of Elmwood Park’s “Dine-In Elmwood” Restaurant Week, I got to not only venture into this neighborhood for the first time, but also try one of most beautiful, hidden sushi places, Inari Sushi.

It’s always those places that you have no particular expectations from that startle you in the most pleasant way.  Right when I walked in, I felt at home in their cozy atmosphere.  For starters, there was a giant Buddha wall art in front of my table, which as a Buddhist I always appreciate. Immediately felt Zen.

I don’t do sushi without sake anymore, because the two just go well together. And I don’t deviate from Sayuri, because it’s the best milky sake in my opinion. So my guest and I started with a couple glasses of that.

We decided to try their Restaurant Week Pre-Fixe menu but also try a few items from their regular menu.  

The Seafood Miso Soup was calling my name and when it arrived I realized how fitting it was for a pescetarian like me.  A lightly-salted broth of red snapper, king crab, scallops, tofu and bell peppers in generous portions, got devoured fast.

The Sunomono, which I had tried for the first time the week prior is easily my favorite 2018 food discovery so far.  Here it came with Alaskan King Crab, avocado, cucumber and seaweed salad in a light vinaigrette dressing.  Basically everything I love, executed into one beautiful dish.

The Shrimp Shumai dumplings were so fresh, I almost fell off my chair after the first bite.  Juicy shrimp folded into pillowy-soft dough tasted amazing dipped in the ginger soy it came with.

I was filling up, but was smart to have saved room for the Maki . The Flaming Dragon was literally on fire, a baked roll with shrimp tempura, sweet and spicy mayo, topped with salmon and tuna, black tobiko and sesame seeds.  Although a pescetarian, I won’t say that I am the most daring person when it comes to fish, so eating a roll with flames under it, made me feel really courageous.


The Lobster Tempura Roll however, was my favorite from the evening, because the combination of fried lobster with cream cheese, cucumber, avocado and wasabi mayo is unbeatable.  I also like soy paper wraps for my maki, which is how tis maki was served.

Well with all that savory, the sweet had to follow.  From their pre-fixe menu we picked the Chocolate Spring Rolls which came with a raspberry sauce, and the rest is history.

You can’t live in Chicago and not check out Inari.  The drive won’t matter, rain or snow, because you will leave with a smile on your face and a very happy tummy. And it will all be worth it!

Commons Club


The name Virgin Hotels does not require an introduction.  It is pretty much a legacy in the food and beverage world.  Recently, I visited the downtown Chicago location for a menu tasting, at their Commons Club Restaurant, and was entirely blown away.

Headed by world-renowned Chef Moosah Reaume, Commons Club offers en eclectic menu with some truly fascinating pescetarian fare.  The contemporary décor and ambiance is warm and welcoming, and in my opinion, perfect for any occasion; an after work event or an intimate dinner.


All produce used in cooking is locally sourced, including the seafood.  I’m a big fan of that! My guest and I were seated in a large booth facing the open kitchen where I watched as I ate, the talented team of Chef Moosah and Chef Gomes doing their magic.


I started with a drink named the Tall Glass Of…, which I thought was apt for the day I had had at work.  This fine concoction of Hennessey Cognac, Bacardi 8 Rum, Blackberries and White Chocolate was just what the doctor ordered.  At some point I also switched to a glass of the Rioja Reserva from their broad wine selection.  So yes, I was double fisting, but who’s keeping track.

We started our meal with The Coconut Shrimp Toast which was simple yet uber-addictive.  A flavorful mixture of shrimp served on bread that was nicely pan-fried, and served with a tantalizing sweet chile emulsion. One of my favorites from the night!

The Market Squash Soup, which arrived next was just soul-warming.  A nicely done presentation with the broth poured table-side onto a battered piece of squash, was all so comforting with those subtle hints of ginger and basil.

The Maine Crab Tartine is a dish not to be missed on a visit here.  I don’t think I’ve had a better version of this open faced toast, which came here with a creamy Old Bay aioli and with loaded chunks of sweet crab, placed on thick, crunchy toasted bread.  Everything from the garnish to the texture came together phenomenally.

On the vegetarian side, the Wild Mushrooms was one gorgeous dish, nicely executed with seasonal mushrooms, Manchester cheese, poached egg and a hot pepper vinaigrette.  The pickled beech mushrooms gave it a nice tang, and I got to feast my eyes on some serious egg porn.

Finally, the star of the show and my favorite dish of the meal was, the Cavatelli which came with Peeky Toe chile crab, smoked tomato sauce and lightly-salted parmesan crisps.  I’m usually wary of cheese in seafood dishes, but this dish proves me wrong.  The brine with the sweet crab made for one impressive dish both in look and in taste. Hurry on and go try it for yourself!


I was probably waddling at this point, but still determined to try their famous Halibut (made without the country ham for me).  A simple dish that allowed the freshness of the fish to prove its mettle. I’ve also always enjoyed Halibut, because is a flaky yet firm fish.  The sunchokes, onion jam, brussel sprouts and charred scallion also did their part to add to the flavors and texture.

Chef sent out a complementary amuse bouche, meant for us to eat in one bite.  A tiny potato soufflé with onion soubise and black truffle which was divinely tasty but more like an amuse tease for me.

It was time for dessert, and I asked to try their Deep Dish Cookie, which was served with a scoop of homemade ice-cream, candied coconut, cookie powder and a warm chocolate sauce.  I always amaze myself at how effortlessly I can devour dessert regardless of how full I am. It’s an addiction, but it also has to be this good.

All in all, an extraordinary tasting, a night to remember, and a wonderful experience all around.  Commons Club will no doubt be my new go-to spot for a drink, dinner or both.

My “Dine-In Elmwood Park” Restaurant week journey finally ended with a phenomenal lunch at Vito’s Old Italian.  From the outside this restaurant is unassuming, and from the inside, cozy enough but looks your typical Italian joint. 

But when the food arrives, you realize just how spectacular this restaurant really is.


My guest and I were personally welcomed into the restaurant by owner Vito who is still directly involved in overseeing the restaurant. 

Chef Benito who’s been with the Scavo family for years has worked at several of their other restaurants. He is like a magician in the kitchen and works tirelessly to create gourmet recipes, and fast.

We visited on the first Sunday Vito’s had been open and I could just tell how happy patrons were about this. Its like they had been waiting with bated breath.

As typical Italian restaurants do, they brought out a basket of bread (also my favorite part of Italian meals). The bread was delicious but the dip it came with definitely stole its thunder.  Served here with a delectable housemade Romano cheese and hot butter mixture, and simply irresistible.

My eyes got wide when I saw my favorite Baked Clams on the menu, and I didn’t hesitate a second before asking to try a Full Order.  A must-have dish for traditional Italians, Chef Benito knocks it out of the park. Cooked in a white, butter sauce, the clams were super fresh sitting in a briny sauce with subtle garlic flavors.  I had absolutely no problems wiping my plate clean.

The Stuffed Artichoke Hearts was such a nice surprise! Beautifully plated with tender bulbs stuffed with a tasty garlic and Parmesan cheese, breaded herb mixture sitting on a layer of a tangy lemon sauce.  I’m certainly coming back for this dish.

From the seafood section of the appetizers, the Seafood Misto made sense as it came with a grilled mixture of Calamari and Shrimp served on a bed of romaine. This dish was everything I had imagined and more.  Of course for dishes like this, quality of the fish matters, and it was so fresh that I might have eaten it raw, although I did appreciate the wonders that the balsamic vinaigrette drizzle did to it.

Vito had a childlike excitement about one of his favorite dishes growing up, The Fried Romaine.  So I had to try it.  This one’s not on the menu, but if you can get your hands on this dish somehow, somewhere, it could change your life.  It’s amazing how much flavor the Romaine leaves exude when flash fried.  I definitely relished this dish.

We couldn’t possibly leave an Italian restaurant without trying their pasta.  The Penne Arrabiata is my gold standard for pastas now, and the spicier it is, the better. This homemade pasta dish comes in a sinus-inducing spicy marinara sauce with copious amounts of garlic and red pepper flakes.  My nose was flowing but my heart was happy!

Although the menu carries plenty of Italian Seafood options, Vito had wanted us to try their Barramundi fish special, which wasn’t on their menu.  After how well all his recommendations had turned out, I placed my order entirely in his hands.  The fish was pan-fried and then baked in a creamy Francese sauce, and went really well with the mild taste of the Barramundi.  Almost like a piccata, but a little tangier.  Loved the capers in this dish too!

With my stuffed belly but shameless sweet tooth, I agreed to try their Bread Pudding for dessert. The mere size of it was daunting, but this comfort dessert just does something to warm your heart.  The tender egg bread doused in a decadent bourbon and brown sugar mixture, topped with ice cream and caramel sauce, left me with sweet memories.

A few days before my visit to Old Vito’s I had been craving my mom’s cooking, so being here really pacified those cravings.  If you’re looking for a no-frills restaurant, with good, hearty and homely food, served with pure love and passion, then visit Old Vitos!

Heaven On Seven

The very last tasting of the month was a taste of heaven.  After nine years in Chicago, I finally visited Heaven On Seven, when owner Jimmy Bannos invited me to lunch, after I met him at a charity chef event recently or me in.  And having now eaten there, I’m beating myself over why I didn’t go to Heaven On Seven sooner.

If you’re someone that enjoys Cajun or Creole cooking and wants a true taste of good ‘ol Louisiana cooking rush to this restaurant.  When you walk in, it’s like a never-ending Mardi Gras party.  The atmosphere is so  friendly and my only warning for you is that you won’t want to leave.

The restaurant was BUSY and by the look of it, you would’ve never known it was a Tuesday afternoon.  The décor is fun and quirky with walls of hot sauces lined up and a Po’Boy Wall of Fame for everyone that came in and participated in their Po’Boy contest.  It goes like this, if  your picture of biting into the Po’Boy wins after you post with the hashtag #Poboyface, you get Free Po’boys every month for a whole year. A sweet deal, in my opinion.


It was an exceptionally warm February day when I visited, and although I couldn’t be on a patio, the Cajun Iced Tea from their drinks menu was a refreshing alternative. 

My lunch started with the Bayou Jalapeno Corn Blasters, which were piping hot, mini cubes of cornbread with cheese oozing out in every bite.  This was one exceptional appetizer. 


The Jalapeno Corn Bread, which I also got to try, came with honey drizzle dripping all over it.   They could easily add this to their dessert selection.


Then Chef surprised me with a bowl of their Vegan Gumbo.  To be honest, I didn’t think a place like this could ever accommodate vegan dishes, but then I learned that the restaurant also Gluten Free and Whole 30 options.  Makes it state-of-the-art for me right away.  The gumbo was super-flavorful and kept all the smokiness that a meaty gumbo would offer.  Over 30 different types of leafy greens used in this creole recipe, was hearty and filling.


Not a lot of people know this, but catfish is one of my most favorite fish.  So I welcomed with open arms the next dish, which was the, Fried Catfish.  The crispiness of the fish was pure perfection with a tempura-like texture.  It was served beautifully with a creamy, homemade coleslaw and a tantalizing Cajun tartar sauce.


The next dish that came out summarized for me why Heaven On Seven has preserved its reputation.  The New Orleans Oyster Pan Roast from their daily specials was such a finely executed dish.  Delicious, creamed oysters placed on grilled garlic bread, and placed in their New Orleans BBQ Sauce, was such a treat! The bread was absolutely necessary to soak up all the sauce and oyster juice, and the tastes of cherry black pepper in the sauce gave it a fiery touch.


The grand finale was the Shrimp Po’Boy and also my opportunity to participate in the contest. I probably could spare only a few minutes to take my photo before diving into crunchy shrimp battered in two different flours and ten different spices, and piled mile high onto a buttery toast. 

On the side was another house made condiment, a delectable Honey Jalapeno dressing.  I could make a meal just out of all the sides and condiments served at this restaurant.


While I can always justify dessert, I think you’ll agree that I couldn’t possibly pass up their homemade Key Lime Ice Box Pie.  Another Southern classic done perfectly with a graham cracker crust, lime curd, and lime chiffon. Another slice of heaven.

To say that my meal at Heaven On Seven was memorable would be a gross understatement.  Chef Bannos’s attention to detail and warm hospitality is endearing.  His knowledge of NOLA cuisine and extensive background, which includes training with legendary chef Paul Prudhomme, is also impressive.  Heaven On Seven is a restaurant that’s full of soul, and dedicated to making its customers smile.  

Thank you for such a fun visit!