Pooja grew up in the coastal city of Mumbai, India, where she lived until her teens before moving to the U.S. Her fondest childhood memories were taking Sunday morning walks to the beach with her grandfather to pick out the fresh fish that fishermen had just brought back from the sea. Her favorite was when they went crab picking. The crabs would live in her kitchen sink for a few hours before her grandmother dumped them into a pot of boiling water, ready to be cooked into some delicious Crab Curry. Thus began her relationship with fish and her love for seafood. Fish was a staple growing up for this foodie, and every week, her family tried a new seafood restaurant.

Mumbai is the perfect city to cultivate the inner seafood lover in anyone, and in the depths of its cuisine exist some irresistible seafood restaurants,” says Pooja. Since fresh fish is so readily available there, it was easy to develop and appreciate her love for seafood.

When Pooja moved to Chicago seven years ago, it wasn’t hard to see what a thriving food culture the city had to offer.  She quickly became involved in the city's food scene, attending food events and restaurant openings, reading popular food blogs and frequently guest-blogging for them.  As her passion for food grew, Pooja became increasingly disappointed at the lack of a focused discussion on seafood. So she decided to launch Chicago's very first pescetarian blog and share her love for seafood. 

As a food enthusiast, Pooja also wanted provide a platform for other interested seafood lovers to get in a conversation about sustainable seafood. Because she believes that it represents a healthy relationship not just with our oceans but also with our bodies. When Pooja is not devouring a bowl of clam chowder, she is selling homes, organizing for clients or painting. All in the midst of her globetrotting adventures!

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Going Beyond Real Estate

A pescetarian who hopes to expand your culinary horizons just enough to make room for one more seafood dish on your top ten list! This seafoodie’s passion for all things fish and most things French, take her to fun places and interesting experiences! Join her on her journey!