Pescetarian Defined

noun: pescetarian
A person who does not eat meat but does eat fish. Pescetarian is probably a neologism formed as a blend of the Italian word pesce ("fish") and the English word "vegetarian".

Why Pescetarian?

Better Health - Pescetarianism may significantly improve your health because fish is low in saturated fats and high in Omega-3s. Pescetarians are also known to have a lower incidence of iron & D-3 deficiency. Plus you don’t have to worry about pesticides/chemicals that meat can often be covered in. Carnivores are also known to have shorter intestinal tracts than plant and fish eaters.

Good for Our Planet - Eliminating meat can help save water. The lesser the demand for meat, the lesser the demand for grazing land needed to cultivate livestock. And we can save on grains and corn fed to livestock. While most fish are farm raised, the farmed-fish are better at converting feed to meat than any animal.

No Animal Cruelty - Whether we choose to turn a blind eye or not, we know what goes on inside slaughterhouses. Often, the animals are kept in inhumane conditions outside their natural habitat.

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